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Saturday, March 7, 2009

I swear I'll Pistol Whip the next guy that says Shenanigans!

Apparently I didn't know two things:
1) The picture of the person below is actually a girl, but it doesn't really matter because Caleb will not phsyically look like that, and
2) People really had a problem with finding sources to their "information".
3) They are completely misinformed about this title due to their lack of understanding of the project.

Fanboys should really go light up a Marlboro, or maybe even a joint? =)

So what I would like those of you who haven't before, take a look at the blog backlogs, check out the Blood-Wiki Site (by Gideon), check out ModDB and various comments/news items, check the other blog to the right of this thing, and if you can, check out the developer website. There's many things in there that you guys just don't know -- lack of evidence, is how Vis put it.

And hey - it'll be fun! =) Just a small downside to posting on several different sites about several different pieces of information, but it's all there! Any questions just leave us a comment.

Speaking of that image to the right... ^^

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