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Friday, March 6, 2009

Deciding on Caleb's look...

Well I'm currently picking out designs for the costume designer to work on for my garb in the game (I play Caleb)...and I think I found one.

The picture on the right is the best thing I can come to how the costume is going to be designed. First of all, the design you see there by the neck is going to be changed to the Cabal sign. Basically, it's still going to be a trench coat but a very different design - style wise. The costume is going to be expensive to make and I've already talked with the other designer and it's final. I will be wearing his traditional leather coat and cowboy hat in the introduction scenes - afterward it's going to change to this. You can't see the rest of it but the coat is going to stop just below his belt. I avoided making his coat too long because it's going to be difficult placing it and getting it to flow in wind just right. This way, we don't have to worry about any of that stuff. It's still inspired by his original outfit because I didn't want to abandon at least the trenchoat design. He will still wear cowboy boots.

Also, Aurelia's costume has been changed significantly - she looks more normal now (think Alyx Vance from Half-Life) to fit her warm image. So far, her costume has gotten more positive attention than making her strictly a mall goth. This way I can mix styles around.

In the next few days I should have some nice high-quality graphic novel still shots of the various characters that are going to inhabit Hypertension. Stay tuned and let me know your comments, as always.


Anonymous said...

Eventually, I would like to try digitizing real actors. I've always dreamed of putting myself into DOOM!


Anonymous said...

Why do you want to change Caleb ? You can't change Caleb, Blood is Caleb, Caleb is Blood.