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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Need to Fill Slots: Level Designers

Well, the level designing department is currently struggling. Pineapple, the resident mapper, is being forced to deal with real life problems and he is unable to dedicate most of his time to mapping.

In the event of this, I ask the communities for help: the DooM community, the Blood community, and the Dreamcast community. Things are tough right now and especially with the recent hardships involving all of us I ask that anyone willing to step forward should.

If you decide to help or even check out how to make levels for Hypertension, you are encouraged to leave us an email. You can use the following programs: CodeImp's Doom Builder, DeepSea, WadAuthor, 3d Realm's BUILD, SLADE, or Yadex. You can click on each to see what fits your needs.

If you decide to join, you will be provided with the materials and tools needed. You must be able to have fun with others, enjoy constructive criticism and feedback, meet deadlines (very lienent on that) and able to envision your own worlds. You can mail us an example of your work across any engine if you'd like, and we'll get you set up with the appropriate tech.

It's vital that I get at least one mapper, and even if you have no idea what it means, you will be introduced to a gigantic community that helps each other out. Learning Curve is generally 2 weeks to a month, but by that time we'll be flyin'.

In the meantime, continue to check back every so often. We'll be awaiting your responses. Check back in the coming weeks for an exclusive interview that details the development process of Hypertension!


zZaRDoZz said...

Sorry to hear about Puma Corbin. Things can change so rapidly some times. I've been through a few cats myself which is strange as I'm allergic to them! What can I say, you don't choose them- they choose you!

I'm going to send the unaltered interview from a few days ago, minus the recent added-in questions. I know Pineapple may or may not be back but it was a reflection of things in your mod. Please contact me privately if that interview caused waves- that was not my intention.

I promise to "play" with a Doom editor- although my recent defeats at the hands of Dedit and mapedit don't bode well. Also I'm a swing shift worker, so free time is usually spent sleeping.

The upside is doom editors tend to be friendly to beginners (never mind power, which one's the friendliest?) and I've always wanted to be a mapper. You know Jay Wilson got started as a Doom mapper right? ;D

Corbin said...

I personally would highly recommend Doom Builder. It's the most popular and it has great documentation and a big community. You can find it by clicking on the appropriate link. It's really not like Mapedit or Dedit at all, so play with it a little, or use the alternatives. Each are different and have different advantages and disadvantages.

Let me know what's up with it, and hold off submitting the interview until my word, ok?

zZaRDoZz said...

urmmm I'll se if I can't undo it.

zZaRDoZz said...

I see you've gotten to it. We'll get it in the shape you need it in-no worries.

Corbin said...

Check your email. You are free to submit it now. =)