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Friday, August 15, 2008

More tension progress!

I updated a couple more things on the mod today...I finally fixed Caleb's HUD resize and added in a WIP Alpha for when he takes damage. Speaking of the HUD, I added in a PAIN alpha PNG that looks cool when you take damage (thanks Dartmerc for the inspiration with that!). Among other small things with LUA...

I'm in the process of reversing the Doom/Hexen map format for use with EDGE, me and Doorhedge are working on an easy way to figure that out (going to keep BOOM linetypes though). We're starting with, obviously, E1M1, but only as a test. More than likely NONE of the original Blood levels will be in Hypertension (except in small parts).

I'm also working on an interesting dynamic Palette shift change. I'm not sure if this is supported in EDGE so I'm checking it out on my own. Would be pretty interesting if you go into a flashback into a Blood level and everything is in black/white except for the Blood...;)

Imported some new models into Hypertension for the start of the level (gravestones, debris, ambience) and working on some fake-slopes for the spiral down once you open the first door (phsyics code acts as stairs though, so I might keep them as stairs). I also used the EDGE linetype to make the door open sideways, as in the original game.

Popped in some weapon graphics from Blood II as well as some sounds. Probably going to convert a bit of the textures over as well, but none of the weapons work at the moment.

Small thing on the Fusion side, I fixed a bit of the LUA code for the way Max's sprite gets resized (thanks to Hypertension).

Anyways, we'll keep you updated as we progress further into this.

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