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Wednesday, August 13, 2008


I started a new TC today for EDGE. It's based in the Blood universe but it's a unique spin-off. I started from build 1.29 and working concurrently on 1.31, so this way it'll be easier to manage sprites/models from each version. Currently I'm shooting for a Dreamcast release first.

I used my earlier converted level from Fusion and am just working on getting textures working properly, but so far it's looking grade-A. I should have some screenshots next week or the week after. I got permission from the ZBlood team to use some resources but most likely not a whole lot will make it in.

I'll keep you all updated as the project continues. The screenshot to your left is mostly a mock-up: the model was converted from MD3 to MD2 and as such looks like shit - the Caleb sprite was so shitty and off-center and the painkiller icon is obviously kept from Fusion -- this is running on top of Fusion at the moment. The level is the train level from Blood 1 -- I did this as an initial test for Fusion, and obviously it's not even playable but it feels just like the original (scrolling and all). The model was not converted with animations or any of that jazz, the Caleb LUA isn't functional (the Caleb sprite was bigger overall than the Max sprite so it didn't fit in the screen and has no alpha or anything), and the lighting is absolute shit, so don't take it seriously. This is just mostly proof-of-concept. Enjoy!

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