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Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I might be abandoning the HUD that I used for Fusion (silhouette graphic) for a more familiar one from Blood II: The Chosen. Simply being that it might be too simplistic for a Blood game. I will put out a video showing the differences between the two. I might also just make it an option in the game config.

The Dreamcast version does not have LUA so instead you will get the Blood 2 HUD. I might also make it an option in the Menu to use the original Blood HUD if I get time to work on that.

I would really like to get your suggestions.

Also, on another note, musician Ashley Tarrant has joined the project to work on a couple of tracks for Hypertension. He's currently remixing Unholy, as soon as I upload the demo MP3 I will have it posted in the side bar for you all to comment on. Another musician, Jacques Wayne, will also be working on the soundtrack. I will give you all samples soon.

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