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Monday, April 21, 2008

Things moving along...

But apparently not quick enough for my taste.

While things have been a slow trickle over at 3dfx, here I've been keeping busy with other things (game reviewing, 2d animation, schoolwork) but I just now got back into Fusion...

The latest release of EDGE now incorporates LUA into their list of programming languages, and this time it's for the HUD. With this, I've been able to move from the fucking ugly workarounds I did for the HUD (which many people thought was fake!) and get it going with LUA, functional and all. It's really cool, but looks the same as the other (I did more spacing adjustments, another thing somebody said about the HUD being fake last time was that I moved it -- just adjusting it).

Some other minor things is that we finally purchased a Studio program and it came with green, blue, and white screens and directions on how to set up lighting, specifically for movie editing. This is good in the sense that we can now finally begin filming semi-professionally, instead of eying/edging in Photodraw. Now this specific program can do it for us, and any green that reflects off of the actors or objects is now removed with the closest possible color...the program is great. Just what we needed.

Other minor things have been adjusted but I'm very close to releasing the new binaries Chui did for DreamEdge. I've tweaked it and added snippets of code from 1.31 (but I'm not changing the version number) and did a couple of other things to the core code (kept mipmapping on forever, not allowing to change it so the DC doesn't get overworked). Before I publicly release it I'm going to try and get LUA and the portal code (can avoid a lot of problems with Portals) into 1.29 but this isn't a guarantee. Chui has stopped working on it making it my own now, so we'll see what happens.

I'm going to release a promo video soon, kind of like the last one but actual footage this time. ;)

Until then, I have to run, I have several other things I must attend to. Laters!

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