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Sunday, March 16, 2008


Well I'm still hard at work on Fusion, getting more things done, adding more lines of code in. I have a simple Vehicle system in place right now, that allows you to choose your destination and you can "drive" to the next "path". Right now it's really rough but hopefully I'll change that.

I've converted and started rearranging the Train level from Blood and now it's playable, using the same methods Blood did (texture scrolling, etc). It kinda looks cool with the skybox, but I'm not going to keep it in. It was just something to see if I could pull off or not.

I want to release this new trailer but I keep forgetting to. And...believe it or not..

I'm surprised at the amount of positive reaction Fusion is getting lately. I've had several people tell me how great it looks and that they couldn't tell it was based upon Doom...I've only had a couple of trolls remind me of how much of a failure REU was...but the rest of the planet doesn't care anymore. It seems I've finally moved out of that shadow for now. I was positive a couple of things helped with that.

First, I waited, a long time, before I released any kind of hint that I was working on Fusion. When I did I had screenshots to back me up. I even released a small test with various features I was working on (when it was REU at the time). Seeing how it's progressed has really blown my mind. You can view progress shots here.

Another thing is that I never updated the definition headers in the DDF. I have to remind myself to do that sometime.

For now, that is all.

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