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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Donation System is Live: Please Read

Hi everyone,

In the last message, I proposed a donations system to help keep us funded so we can continue/finish Scourge and Hypertension, in hopes that we don't further delay the game (possibly forever). In our third year already, we have absolutely no budget left and officially, we're in panic mode.

This is where you, the fans, can help us the most. Developing a budget game isn't easy, and developing it with nearly no budget at the stage we're at now is killing us. Months of potential work gone down the drain as we try to gather funds for ourselves, but we can't do it anymore. Not alone. You guys have the chance to help us by donating! This way, we can pay for the services we need to get our games finished and out the door!

Every month, we will make a new blog post with a projected goal for a service we require. This will change each month or so to reflect what we need at the time (to show you exactly where your money is going). We will have a system that shows how much we're down/up before the feature we need is completed. This will also tell you what game we're at, and how many features we have left before development is sustained. We will also keep a record of who donated to include you in the closing credits.

You might find this system weird since there's things like Kickstarter, but as you all know, we have a publisher and we cannot use a third-party like that. Not only will we appreciate the help, I know our publisher will too!


We need to raise $40 this month, to start an independent artist in getting the environments and layout completed for SCOURGE, specifically, so our 3D team can get the designs for various architecture complete and consistent. In the following months up until we no longer need him, we'll add this amount to whatever amount for the feature we need next. So, consistently, we need $40/month to pay this guy until we no longer need his talents. We're not that far off, we project maybe 3 or so months before we can cut him loose.

Please, any amount will help us out and rest assured, you will all see progress, mostly by keeping up at our Facebook page. I will continue to support this blog for our Donation Development system.

Thanks for your continued support!
-Corbin A.
Project Manager, SCOURGE
Isotope Studios

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