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Thursday, December 6, 2012

Now OutSourcing: Texture Artist

That's right! We're now looking to outsource some level textures for SCOURGE, and if you think you have what it takes, then read on!

Outsourcing works differently than being on our team, and as such benefits/etc. are completely different. You also have an option of joining our establishment, which also, works completely different. We will provide the details upon request.

On that note, the textures we're looking for do not have to be overly complicated, nor do they need to be in high-resolution. A maximum resolution of 256x256 is just fine, and we can downscale/tile as needed. We're looking for realistic/grungy/dirty textures, think of something like Silent Hill 2. All of the textures will be applied to our level design in realtime, and we don't bake lighting in textures because we use a lightmapping method for the game levels. Things like floors, walls, grates, environments, skies, liquids, and everything in between.

This is urgent, as noted on our Facebook, because texture design takes too long and we don't have a dedicated artist for this kind of thing. Without one, Scourge will be delayed for an extremely long time, and this is the truth. If this is something we could just do ourselves, we would, but we don't have enough time to focus on it in particular.

We welcome any and all submissions - either head to our Facebook and drop us a line, or email us at:

We appreciate your help! If you are a part of any graphic design community or similar, post us up and share the news - every little bit goes a long way.

Thanks again everyone!

*EDIT: changed the email - it should have been .NET and not .COM

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