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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Complicating Simplicity

Just thought I'd show these here! We uploaded two new images of Scourge on the Facebook page, and it's easy to forget about our site here! This is all in-game rendered stuff, and excuse the "high-resolution", if you catch my drift (if you do, kudos!) Just a reminder that we're not using our EDGE engine, and in fact, using an engine that shares the basic components that Raven's Dreamcast game "Soldier of Fortune" did! If that's not awesome, then, well you must not be cool or something. ;) I jest!

We're working at a steady pace as always, and we'll be up for showing more stuff when we can. I know we don't talk as much about Scourge as we did with Hypertension, but I think our progress speaks for itself. And, uh, despite these screenshots, it's not a dedicated first-person shooter. FYI, you know, just in case someone wanted to know. Oh, excuse the debug output, but I think it adds charm where it needs it the most; again, if you understand that sort of thing.

That's what happens when experience meets change; change meets progress, and progress meets determination. Determination, therefore, can be anything at all, and I'm not talking in past, nor present, tense here. I cannot predict the future, but I can speculate; when I say that it's an exciting time for us now... it's going to be even more exciting in the future. We can't thank our fans and followers enough; from all of our different backgrounds, titles, projects - it's what makes us the experienced and strong-willed team we are today. No need to pass the seasoning - we have plenty of it here.

Just for comparison's sake (and a token to our fans), here's the first internal unreleased screenshot of Scourge, back when we WERE using our 3DGE engine and bits of Hyper data (nearly year-to-date here!). 

Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success. --Henry Ford

PS: We're still looking for help in the following fields - a level designer, a C coder, and a texture artist. If you're a level designer, we use such tools as the Radiant family (Quake-based), Qoole, or Quark. If you're a texture artist, check out the WAL and TGA formats beforehand. Interested? Hit us up.

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Anthony817 said...

Is this running on Dreamcast?