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Monday, July 11, 2011

Phase X has started.

Greetings everyone! Hope you all had a great 4th!

I come bearing some news. We have made the final move to scrap and reboot development of my game, Hypertension, for the last time.

This is due to our unanimous decision to redesign the entire first episode to make the plot, story, and characters stronger and more developed. Rather than dive head first into the game with a handful of concepts and Blood for the base, as I did in 2008, we will take this title on with a completed roadmap. So far, we just finished up the important chunk of design, and we're already hard at work on reprogramming the AI and making basic renders (with layouts and pre-rendered direction). With a now focused determination, we hope to deliver on something more amazing that what I ever hoped to accomplish with this game so far.

My grasping of the source code will produce results I could not have imagined almost 3 years ago when I started this game, and we now stand with the knowledge and determination to get the game on the right track, as it should be. 

We will not be basing this title as heavily on Blood as it has seemed thus far. We will keep the overall engine and a few of the enemy ideas, as well as a few characters from said game, but the rest will be completely built from scratch to compliment the new design. Some of the original content from Episode 1 will stay, however.

We will keep the maps and scripts that have been done up to this point as a bonus episode to compliment the main story. Most of the things that were created prior by Fiend, like the achievement and money system, will remain in the new design.

However, we hope to take all of the excitement and awe you fans have experienced and amp it up to reach new levels of adventure like you have never felt before.

While the blog site will remain static, we will be abound with conversation and speculation at our forums. If you were wondering, it's the big FORUMS button on our sidebar. In there, you have the chance to follow along with our conversations and learn tidbits about what we're up to with the new development. We will keep you fans well fed, no worries there.

Alas, I'm off to join my crew in design land, let's hope whoever eventually returns to the blog will come bearing many gifts.

"Looks like my train's come in."

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