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Friday, June 10, 2011

Taking time away from engine

Now that I'm finishing up some important stuff (like ROQ support and minor DDF additions) in 3DGE, it's time I get back to Hyper for a few. I went ahead and changed the overall palette/colormap (for the few things that actually use it) to one that Sigvatr created over at DW. The overall result is different from the FreeDoom one we've been using, and makes some stuff a little darker and lacking in color, but I think the new changes make the game look gloomier. Take a look at the new gargoyle - I never put him through a PNG processor and his previous frames were being handled by the FreeDoom palette. With this new one it gives him a whole new range of color. I think I actually prefer this over the old one, and if the few who are with us agree, we'll switch to this. Check it out.

Take a look at an image:

Also, "I don't feel like talking to the hand!"
(this image was created before the palette change)

1 comment:

Anthony817 said...

Amazing go for it! It really looks more defined!