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Saturday, June 18, 2011

EX2 Stuff

Hey guys, just wanted to throw you all a bonus video.
This is footage from the planned Episode 2 game arc that we had going on for awhile. This was to introduce a new character in the near future (in a new game). As you can see, quite a bit of work went into it. We later deemed that it wasn't quite like how we wanted it, so we decided to start over. We will be keeping some of the materials developed for this however.

You can see the major differences this has with the other game, like lighting, textures, pacing, and sounds (footsteps!).

Well, enjoy the video! Just FYI, episode 2 will also come to Sega's Dreamcast...when it's done, of course ;)

If you can afford it, try and watch this on Youtube's site. It will play at a nice, HD 1080i quality.

Unlike the other videos though, you are free to spread the word. ;)

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