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Saturday, May 14, 2011

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Hey everyone, long time no talk. Long time no anything, really.

Project has a beating heart again, slowly - the level designers are finally in a position to reliably make quality maps, and we have a more experienced one joining on soon. I've been working myself on game engine stuff (multiplayer, split-screen, rendering flash, framerate increase, model stuff, ROQ cinema) in between the work on Hyper. Zardoz, who has a much more important role now, has even been learning Deepsea and doing some minor code tweaking.

I have to admit that I had a lot of darkness wrapped around the thought of this game for awhile and wanted nothing to do with it. I finally exorcised the shadows that once engulfed my goals, and now have removed the block that trapped creative flow.

Some new things we've been considering - updating the model skins with high-res versions, replacing lots of textures with our own in-house high res stuff, and even re-recording the grand lot of SFX that were stuck in the mid 90's (doing a lot of NPC recording prompted this decision). With new model support, I've been overseeing a possible transition of the 2d enemies with 3d models - something that I hope goes through. Also, I scrapped the story again and a final revision is in the works. I've taken a lot of my time away from this game to write stories and dialogue in a class (aside from the C++) and, looking back on the recent draft, decided it...needed to go.

With us hitting the middle of 2011, and the lethargic heat in California boiling up, crunch mode has activated again to deliver with the goods - coming soon.

Also, a side-note - we've made a second release of our game engine (3DGE), which you can find and toy with at SF.

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