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Friday, March 11, 2011

Get Psyched

After a period of a week or so, we're back on our feet. I had been experimenting with our parent engine's source code and left things broken for a bit - now the testers should be back up and running again. I learned a good deal of C++ along the way, but still quite not at the level I should be for doing this kind of work, so I'll be studying it in between coding the game.

Here's a few "new" shots showing off the Revolver Fiend modeled, along with a few previously unseen areas. Work on new maps have been progressing slowly due to the learning curve for the new level designers, but we should have some new shots published soon.

As always, I encourage you to sign up to our forums. We are in the process of making them private soon, which should push new user registration and keep out the bad spam.

See you all there soon!


Christopher said...

That is looking just as good or better than the Quake 1 engine.

f0u666 said...

I would love to play the maps I made with this engine. Haunted Realms, the 3 levels episode featuring House Of Horrors, Lost Crypt & Snowblind. It's available to download on fileplanet I think