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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Sharing the Blood, one pint at a time.

Searchers after horror haunt strange, far places.

As you all know, we've gained another team member who will be invaluable to finishing up Hyper. We were going to wait for Diehard Gamefan to make the announcement, but the interview won't be until early next year, so I decided to say it now for you all that keep up.

When the project launched into full swing last year, working on two parts to a game started off well. Most of the ideas I had for the second, more original "episode" started to take form. It was going to have slower paced, supernatural, and more "haunted" gameplay than the first half - which was to mostly emulate Blood. It was going to be different experience in a new setting, with new weapons and characters.

As the new year started, we began working on that half of the game. As we did though, we noticed that the game itself was growing larger and more time was needed to program it. Working on it as a collective was straining the engine, and the code started to jumble around. While we were enjoying it, the increasing amount of bugs and data saturation started to take hold. We realized that it would take more work getting the game to play nice with itself, especially scripts.

While we pondered it, we came up with a solution - split the game into two halves as two releases.

So, I'm pleased to announce on behalf of the team, that we're splitting Hypertension into two "episodes" - One and Two. The names are, of course, might change in the future.

Since the title started with the development of Hyper One, we will release this part first. Removing the second part will ensure that the bugs go down, the crashes become less frequent, and that we release it in a timely manner which holds up to our idea of quality.

Rest assured that this will also give us much needed time to develop the second half in full, as it will require significantly more work since we have to create much of the material from scratch. As I would have loved to release it all in one (maybe sometime after they are both finished), it just wasn't possible, and would have required pushing the game back as a whole for another year or two.

As news develops, we'll share it, but for now - support us by visiting our forums, getting into our community, and staying up to date with our development. This is what drives us to keep going, and someday, it will pay off for everyone.

Keep up with us and we'll be glad to return the favor.

May it be a Bloody one.

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