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Friday, December 10, 2010

Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something.

Like every big project that has taken a few years to make, every once in awhile the few who are active on it start to burn out. Not enough to leave or give up the work, but just enough to make even grandfather time a little anxious.

This is now the case with Hypertension. While we have enjoyed working for the fans, it's now becoming strained. Our development team has shrunk the past year, and it puts us back down to two active people, and a handful of semi-active individuals.

Normally this wouldn't bother us, but the protracted development time is definitely wearing us out, and missing deadlines isn't fun.

What we need is some fresh air, some fresh talent - we need you!

What we are asking for is simple - level designers.

We need someone who has a passion for the arts of game design, someone who's creative and not afraid to get down and dirty. Somebody who can take the time and produce something from the heart. We need designers like this to help with the final stretch, to get this half of the game completed and out the door. Without somebody like You, we won't be able to finish or dedicate the time we want to polish and deliver a fun and memorable game.

So, if you know you can compliment our vision and take criticism at a mature level, we ask for your talents. Here's the requirements:

1) Must have level-design experience, either with Doom, Build, or Quake. If you have no experience, be prepared to take some learning time. Preferably, you must have a map to show us. Since this is a learning step, we will teach you how to script and build truly amazing levels - but you must have the desire to do so.

2) Must be able to take criticism at a mature level. You will be working closely with us to help with this mammoth megawad. You must also be able to take criticism from the fans of this project.

3) Open minded and dedicated is what we're looking for here. More than just contributing levels, we need someone to compliment the worlds we create. It takes hard work and determination.

If you feel you have what it takes, don't be afraid to let us know. We are in the final stretch, but we can't continue this without some help. Spread the word long and far.

1 comment:

Anthony817 said...

I will spread the word for you guys.