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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Demonstration, Beta Testing, Other Thoughts

Hey all, quite awhile since the last blog post.

Just hopped on here to show you all, if you've been missing out on the YT channel or our forums, the month old demonstration of one of the levels in Hypertension. Included is behind-the-scenes footage from our last year trailer and some 32X love near the end.

You should click the youtube link, go to the Youtube page and play in 720p HD. It's much cleaner than any other video recorded prior.

With that, beta testing is almost upon us. It is a closed session, which will last a few months and hopefully solve the remaining bugs. We still have a lot of content to go before release, but we're closer to the finish line now than we've ever been.

I'd like to continue thanking the support of our fans and followers, its you guys that push us to work hard and deliver a fun, bloody product.

Hypertension is coming, don't forget your medicine.


BIGMercenary said...

I like the reloading animations, they're smooth and not sketchy. And I like how you can kick heads around. This game is gonna be another reason to own a Dreamcast after all these years.

Netzwerk said...

I am so looking forward to this!
It looks mouthwateringly good!
My only beef is with the reload animation of the shotgun, the hand really shouldn't be blocking the view whilst reloading..
Other than that I can't wait!

Anthony817 said...

Hey, just letting you know I've posted this latest update over at Dreamcast-Talk forums. I linked them back here so hope you get new followers!

Keep up the great work guys!

OatBob said...

It looks like a bloody good game. Please take the time to produce this with pressed discs and proper packaging. I think this game is worth it.