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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

2009 Wrap Up - Viva la Hypertension!

Hey there everyone! 2009 is almost to a close! It's almost hard to believe everything that has happened this year, what a solid year of work to a game that had little to no legs in late 2008 now has a very powerful's really inspiring. Jumping from a few guys scrambling to diffuse drama at every corner to a competent team that works together - coherent thoughts and design, that's where it's all at. The magic starts there. I'd gladly take that and friendship over community whining/bickering any day of the week - and I can't say that we didn't try regardless.

We've had a lot of hardships this year, public, private, and absurd. We've lost team members who've been invaluable to development, lost allies, gained enemies, but at the end of the day, everyday, you take it as a stepping stone. You can't please everyone, and you can't change their mind. People are, as individuals, all different and believe something that just isn't true, or right, but it's their God given right, and it shall remain that way. Accepting that is part of being professional.

Going from underground to mainstream was very much a treat, but also an eye-opener. It's a very different world, but one that we have to acknowledge sometime. All in all, we learned a lot of lessons the past year. We're scrapping together a really nice and supportive community, whether on an Atari fansite or Game Informer itself, people are coming together to support this wonderful effort. A game of our own self-worth. Sure, we have a big Donate button that might seem odd given that we're remaking material that people worked on over 10 years ago - but that doesn't mean you guys have to push it, and I don't believe that makes us wrong either - after all, we've spent more money on the game itself so far than most independent teams will ever dream about - and if that's not passion, especially if the game is freeware and bred from 90% of our own imagination and creative direction, then I don't know what is.

That game is Hypertension. And TDGMods owes it to all of the people who believe and stand for what we are doing, for what we want - we want a game for US, Hypertension is US. It's TDGMods. TDGMods is all of your most awesome dreams and desires - a bunch of people sacrificing for a dream. We know that the game won't hit home for everyone - but that's not stopping us. Just because a community doesn't like it doesn't mean we're going to bow down either - and it's a risk we knew we were taking since day one. We are always going to be proud of the people we are, of the game we make, and of the struggles and skeletons we've all had to face head on. Man in the Mirror, as MJ once sang out about.

Our beliefs are a little extreme, our attitudes at times might seem out there, or we might be wasting a lot of money, but it's all part of having fun, of friendship and love, to passion with a game and technology seemingly "stuck in the past" - but if the Retro Revolution doesn't start here, and your early years stay trapped in your heart despite it all, then we're surely crazy. At least on some Alien planet out there.

Maybe Canada. ;)

EDIT: It's 2010! Happy New Year everyone!


zZaRDoZz said...

Happy new years to Corbin and all the Hypertension team! It has been a hell of a year hasn't it? 09 had lots of turmoil and drama, hardships and discoveries, and yet you all toiled on. This is the year of milestones for Hypertension. 2010 will be less about combat and more about releasing your inspired vision on a demanding public. This is the year the haters will be forced to attack a game they haven't even played.

This is the year so called fans of a game will have to walk away in awkward silence simply because a mod for said game was made by the wrong person. We will all go on in our own ways, supporting Hypertension, striving, thriving and and eventually triumphing in ways no one could ever imagine.

Anthony817 said...

Well said guys, well said. ;)