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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Reception Party

You know, after so many years of failing to break through with any concrete idea at designing games, it's so heartwarming to finally see our project on top gaming sites, next to recent PS3 and Xbox360 titles.

So far the trailer has continued to climb up there and with every hit, we form closer and closer together, our community reaching thousands of gamers, new and old alike, from several different cultural backrounds and's truly incredible.

It's taken all of this positive attention to realize that this project will make or break us in the gaming industry. Sure, we're not pro, as we firmly remain planted in our indie roots, but if this game does well, then you can expect us to make even more amazing titles as the future comes forward. Yes, we are doing this for us, but the beauty of it is that we have fans like you guys who embrace our ideals.

It's always a treat to take a gaming technology, inferior and outdated, and turn it into something truly remarkable. I was at Gamestop the other day and they really liked it. Game Informer, while slow to realize Hypertension's potential, has slowly unlocked the fun of retro gaming.

It's no doubt that Hypertension has rattled even the professional gaming industry - and we hope you take time to appreciate the games that led to the amazing, beautiful work that has been produced today.

There are a lot of break-in development/modding teams using the latest technology - but it's so amazing to see a game that's taken these ideals from over 15 years ago, fusing them with modern technology, and making headlines. Our dreams are slowly coming true, and we have all of our amazing and beautiful supporters out there to thank. It's because of you guys, the ones who truly believe and stand up for us, that is making this happen. Over 10 years for a lot of us, and every idea has failed, every efforts stomped in the ground due to bad decision making. As difficult and heartbreaking this project has been for us, personally and professionally, at's worth the ride.

We will not forget your support, and we promise this game will for sure shake things up a notch. We heavily encourage you all to visit and register at our Forum Boards, where you can partake in an awesome community of yesterday, and the future. Registration only takes a minute - the memories will last a lifetime. We hope to see you all there.

With much love,
TDGMods and the OST Strike Team

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