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Monday, October 26, 2009

Team Member wanted: COAL Programmer!

Due to a departure from a team member (on personal grounds), we're looking for another Heads Up Display/Logic programmer. The language is no longer LUA - let me explain why.

As indicated in the contest post, we were formerly looking for a LUA programmer, but last minute changes in the code resulted in LUA being pulled and us left with no HUD, and only a few days from trailer release. It was replaced by COAL, which you can find limited documentation here. COAL shares similar syntax with LUA but it is completely different.

There is also documentation here.

Since this is a new language we were unable to learn it quickly enough, and our HUD programmer left right before we could implement a simple HUD for the trailer, so as a result, there will be no heads-up display in the game media for a long time. Parts of the trailer will show a HUD - other parts will not.

We are in dire need of a HUD programmer, so if you can fill the slot, please don't hesitate to let us know!