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Friday, October 23, 2009

Official Hypertension theme song!

As the trailer release date approaches, more material will start pouring out. This is one of many new things about the game to be revealed.

Mindburner [Alan Watkins], the most recent artist to join Hypertension's OST Strike Team, has contributed his song, "Your Slave", as the theme song to Hypertension. He will also be writing much new material for the game. Avenpitch is still set to write the other theme song.

The reason we chose this is simple - the lyrics completely connect Hypertension's main points together. Caleb's personality and the overall atmosphere is perfectly captured in the song. As one of the lyrics say, "Slave to Love in a Pitch Black Grave to Love", is Caleb's life story. The beat, tempo, vocals are absolutely spot-on.

I have uploaded the theme song to the music player, so go check it out now!

A little background about Mindburner,

Mindburner, AKA Alan Watkins, has been producing electronic music for the past 15 years. He owns several vintage synthesizers and enjoys playing them very much. He involves various styles in his music, and incorporates influences from early 1980s electronic pioneers such as John Foxx, Gary Numan, and others. His music generally ends up being about the darker side of life: the half shadow, the unanswered question, or the hidden fear. These emotions drive him to write and produce.

"Your Slave" is Mindburner's latest album, and this free download contains seven new tracks. Despite his music being about "the darker side of life," "Your Slave" is not a dreary, plodding exercise in introspection. Instead, it's a catchy electronic album with just a hint of the darkness. You can feel a bit of it in the music, but unless you listen closely to the lyrics, you won't notice just how dark the themes of the album are.

Without delay - march your ass to the music player (middle of the page)!

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