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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Full speed ahead!

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Here's a shot to soothe the nerves. Nothing like a Gargoyle blowing in through the glass of that shot! As you can see...he was promptly taken care of ;)

So we're really grinding down here, as DieHard GameFAN is going to release our still unfinished Hypertension Trailer worldwide. There is even more stuff to check out and we know the gameplay will leave you all wanting more. It's truly different, yet the same, from Blood. But I'll let the video talk.

Budgeting for the live action shots went waaayyy over budget and, as a result, the video quality will suffer as we have less time in post-production.

Here's hoping for the best. Look for the worldwide debut of the Hypertension 2009 Trailer, coming to a gaming platform near you!!

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