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Friday, August 14, 2009

Happy Birthday to the Game!

Well, it's the one year anniversary of Hypertension. I literally forgot, haha, so it was yesterday (damnit, I mean yesterday's yestarday (hint: the 12th). Cake for all!
(Wouldn't that be a badass cake though?)

Anyways, I wanted to extend my deepest thanks to all of the hard-working members of TDGMods for making our realization into life. Nobody has worked harder, or endured so much crap, than you guys. It's been a long, tough, fun, bizarre, and loving ride to get this far, and only until 75% of it did we get truly popular in the gaming community, as we've been seen around the world and more, and we've been able to touch their hearts with some oldschool, retro gaming action!

Most of all, I want to thank the fans who eagerly await Hypertension, all around the world and in the next. To celebrate this remarkable period in our history, I will be handing out free passes to playtest Hypertension. For right now this only goes for the PC version - please visit our forums to learn more about the system requirements. This pass will be saved in a special folder in my email, and the second we open up private beta testing, you all will be notified and sent a link immediately. It's the top notch way to get into the game, and crawl into our lives. Upon signing up, you will also be encouraged to join our forum board, as it's the best way to gain knowledge of the game (and of us, because who doesn't want to know how cool we are? ;). Asking questions is the best way to get our attention. =)

So, for all of you bloodthirsty fans, we give you this message:
Thank you all, and I speak on behalf of my entire team when I say, "We Love you!"

We look forward to pleasing you all here soon. Make sure to check back, bookmark, and keep up with the coolest devs in the underground scene! Special thanks to Dreamcast Emulation and Sega Nerds for making most of this press happen - you guys are a great bunch!

-The TDGMods Team

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