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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Cross Platform Stuff!

Well, great news as always. Our Dreamcast programmer came back and we're in talks with officially updating the engine branch to 1.31, the most recent PC version. This is good news as I no longer have to worry about heavily maintaining both versions. Of course, things will still be slightly changed to fit a console, but great news nonetheless.

Also, we're announcing that Hypertension will become mobile now - we're working on a GP2X version. This is perhaps the most exciting news so far as the console is a great Homebrew platform - and it'll be a trip to play the game on the go. Perfect for that old-school, pick up and play kinda lifestyle. We'll keep you updated as we've just started working with it.

Anyways, except some new screenshots and other fun stuff soon - we're gearing up for the next internal RC, and hopefully we'll be able to show off some amazing gameplay footage!


Anonymous said...

Incredible project! Continue your great work!
I enjoyed a lot the game blood on pc when it came out, and i've a sega dreamcast and a gp2x.
I am so happy to read such news, for me this project is really amazing
Thanks to support underground machines

Deathcrush1349 said...

Nice! Can't wait for this to be done. I always wanted to see a new FPS type like game, instead of more shoot em' ups for the Dreamcast. I'm not complaining about them, just there is a big selection to choose from. lol If you sell this I will buy for sure. Any idea of a release date? :)