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Saturday, May 23, 2009

"You go that way, I'll go home!"

So, we're still at it. The teaser has given us a chance to relax a little bit, though. It's been nice. Except for our friend Kurt's constant moronic rambling, things have been rather nice lately.

I'm almost done with the entire dialogue system, which I think I'll be able to code into the Dreamcast version too. I'm split on an issue - make the dialogue system fill the entire screen, pause gameplay, etc., or have the dialogue in the upper part of the screen, and have the "answers" to those questions near the bottom, leaving the gameplay screen unaffected. Both of these have advantages and disadvantages though. As far as framerate goes, I could just have it fill the entire screen, at least for the Dreamcast version. Another thing is having text output clear because the resolution on a TV is much lower than in a PC game, and I fear that it might get too blurry. As of yet I'm not sure a VGA Box would do any good since I haven't tested it out. A lot of Blood's original graphics needed to be converted to the palette for the DC version rather than internal PNG images (to avoid disc stress and constant texture loading), but it still looks good. Playing the game on the TV gives it an entirely different feel - but I'm worried about the dialogue looking shitty. I'll have to test it out - I'll post a screenshot of the DC version when I do.

Alright, back to work!

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