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Friday, May 15, 2009

That is NOT your daddy's Shotgun!

Hey all, quick update! Todd from Avenpitch are working on exclusive material for Hypertension's Phase 2 development! We've attempted to collaborate in the past on other projects but the recent teaser seemed to spike everyone's interest in the game!

, a Minnesota-based electronic band, have released 3 CD's - 2003's Avenpitch, 2006's Butterfly Radio, and more recently, 2009's Cast Off.

They'll be working on exclusive material, and will be joining the other OST guys in Hypertension's amazing soundtrack.

Quick shout out to Todd! Keep it real buddy! =)

In other news, I have recently converted over half of the code to work on the Sega system, now all I have to do is finish up the other half and convert all of the MD2 models into sprites. Things are running slow due to optimization issues that we hope to cover soon. Everyone seems to be excited, and our newest phase in development promises to be the best!

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