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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Ton 'O' News

Well, as it is, there has been quite a big deal over people upset by the existence of our mod. So upset, that they went through extreme measures to get it canceled. None of them worked.

However, a few good things came out of this. 1: We are legally protected. Our method of MD5 hash checks (through the original Blood files) is now flawless by our own proprietary program (Iris Loader), bypassing Atari's EULA all-together (as well as complying with it - our game will not be loaded into memory without the registered version of Blood). This worked out great to our advantage, because we are more protected than any other Blood mod using some of Monolith's IP. We have amassed legal counsel and have directly contacted Atari. They were not interested - however, we are now not only protected, but we can sell Hypertension at a later point in development as well (see big, bold line in the next paragraph if you can't follow). We have concluded that we don't need to include Iris into any alpha or beta, but once we hit Demo, we must have the program attached, and will require the agreement of our own EULA - since much content in our mod is original anyway.

Second, we realized that using stock Blood content in an advanced world looked really out of place - so we're redesigning every single art/sound piece from Blood to further ensure our legal status. After gathering legal counsel, we have decided that nothing can stop this project from reaching final status. We have beefed up security to ensure that nothing fake like this can happen IRL. We have also redesigned every character, replaced everything including most names and throwbacks to further protect us.

Third, not too long before haters closed our ModDB page, we had come to the conclusion that we'll be developing Hypertension 2 on id Tech 4 (the screenshot to the left is what id Tech 4 looks like), rather than Source. This came from the decision that Source is too fast paced and there are too many horror mods to come out for it. id Tech 4 should hit open-source here in the next couple of years, giving us a better chance at breaking out with it. We've already begun work on it, and as such, Hypertension 2 will be nearly completely original - allowing us to continue the franchise and sell it.

So there is more good than bad here - the good that we have a loyal fanbase and we have community backing, but the bad is that people took this so out of proportion that they were forced to take extreme measures against us. Now that we know we're in the green, we're going to start pumping out more content. We have made a deal with various big named websites, as well as ad space around the internet, so ModDB is not the end all, be all. In fact, our visiters per day has jumped from around 20 to nearly 50, and our stats are off the charts. There is no doubt that this game is seriously popular and nothing will ever stop us from achieving our goals. If you have any doubts, our sitemeter is at the bottom of the page. *cough*

It's a shame that only 1/4 of the Blood community is ok with our efforts, but I hope that will change as development trudges on. Hopefully more screenshots and other interesting things to show you all as time moves forward. I've been so busy in my own life lately that I haven't had much time to devote to the project. But now it's time to settle back in our roles and get to it!

Due to other people still questioning why I'm saying this, let me lay it down for you.How do you figure your projects are not stealing content from the original Blood? You are using original textures and sounds from Blood - that's the same thing. DUHRRR. We have a legal method of protecting this content. Do you? Just because you're using Blood's content in a second game, that does not grant you the right to use it since their agreement specifically states it must work with the registered version of the original game (like ours does). What about the other mods? They are in a worse legal standpoint then ours. Don't act stupid and pretend we're the only mod around that's based on Blood's IP. We have a legal way of protecting our content (which will all become ours as development continues by making it original). I don't see your mod having anything of the sort, or any other mod out there (excluding C2G).

Comment about this Post! Especially if you have ANY questions or doubts. Talk to me directly in our forum - I will open Guest accounts in the Hypertension thread.

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boomst1k said...

w00t! fuck yeah this is the kind of news i like to hear! what a good ending to all this shite - open to us your damn site already!!!