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Sunday, March 8, 2009


So today was supposed to be my little personal day know, eat dinner with parents, get super duper high, play some Halo 2, without ANY work from either of my jobs or Hypertension...

But I guess someone had a problem with the Don's Challenge cigarette sprites, which I mean, were placeholder anyway, but instead of putting up with the BS I deleted the image (which is still obtainable a few posts down) and redrew the sprites. I also went ahead and redid the lighter. Check it. I thought the image to the right was pretty South Park, Saddam is always telling Satan to relax...but he says it in a funny way...."Hey, Relax guy!" Haha that's what I feel like telling people sometimes.

Anyways, I'm fucking tired and I should try and get sleep...but I still find myself glued to the monitor minute after minute! And that makes everything worth it, because it truly means I'm sticking to this, no matter what people have to say. =)

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