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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Really quick..

Before I dig into development today, I just wanted to remind everyone that Hypertension isn't a Doom "Mod" or "Wad". In essence, it uses the Doom tech but that's it. It's already stand-alone from the main data files and everything's been rewritten to allow stand-alone support. So I would much prefer to call it a "videogame" or "game"...whatever floats your boat! Just because we're using this tech doesn't mean it's any less of a game. Honestly, even at the state it's at now, I can see it competing with the other Blood-related products currently out there.

Still working on getting the damn importer and I don't think I'll be able to do it. That means that I need to painfully take high-res snapshots of all weapons in a model viewer and then attempt to code all of it in-game. It's just annoying and so much easier to work with MD2 frame states than Sprite frame states. I can't stay stuck on this, I already have for a week and it set me a little behind my little schedule. So now I have to get back together and figure out what's next to do...

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zZaRDoZz said...


You have every right to be a little ticked off at certain "WAD" comments. I'll send you an email concerning this.