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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Holy shit! =)

Okay, well I was advised to post up a new roster, so here goes! We have had several new members the last few weeks so I think you guys should know who is who!

Corbin - Lead Designer, Lead Programmer
Becka Lima - Designer, Scriptwriter
Alex - Character/Story/Script Designer
Vis - Assistant Coder
Gael Romanet - Lead Texture Artist
Sajber - Texture Artist
Pineapple - Mapper
Tyler Bezea - Mapper
Kyle Annis - Mapper
Unconscious - Mapper
Tragos - Creature/Weapon Design
Joppu - Miscellaneous
Ashley Tarrant - Score Composer
Rizimar - Score Composer
Brendan Doe - Lead Graphic Artist

And, I might have a new scriptwriter/character developer, since Becka's time is limited on the project. I will keep all of you hungry bloodites posted, and words cannot convey my newfound excitement. =)

Here's a quick shot showing Gael's super-high res textures in action. Boy, it sure makes the game look a lot prettier, right? ;)

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