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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At Work!

Even at work I'm doing work. =) Well, twice the amount of work, anyway.

I've had a pretty crazy morning, but with the help of Red Bull and Cheetos, it's been a very good day so far. Since my boss lets me take my laptop to work I've been able to sneak in a few code here and there, and I was able to fix the cigarette lighting now, so that all works, and you can actually run out of cigarettes and exchange them for other items with other characters. Of course, those characters are big yellow question marks at the moment, and it's just some simple on-screen dialogue, but it works great so far!

Keep a lookout for another post as my long-ass day drags on (after I get done here at Sprint I'm going to work at my other job @ that's a full 13 hour day for me including both of them). Don't forget the extra 4 or 5 hours I'll spend on Hypertension tonight! =)

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Anonymous said...

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