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Sunday, February 22, 2009

New Configurations and more!

I’ve just started blogging with Windows Live Writer so hopefully this process is a smooth one. I just reinstalled Windows 7 and am running on a fresh rig. So let’s hope everything goes as planned.

Due to this transition, I haven’t been able to work on Hypertension since I posted that screenshot a few ago. Actually, most data from Hypertension was wiped out so I’m again working from a earlier revision that was on my XP machine. All previous programs that were working under Vista seem to be running just fine in 7. XWE is more unstable than ever so I have to find another WAD editor. I’m not sure why it acts up so damn much. Because of this, I need to recode both the fake-HDR and props that I put into the game.

So I’m hoping to gain much coherency in design now as both of my mappers are nearly ready to start seriously level designing.

Get ready for some media soon. I’ve also gotten a couple of questions on why I haven’t hit some sort of Beta or Demo yet – like much of the EDGE community has. It’s just that I’m personally a bit of a perfectionist and I would rather release something that you guys will find impressive instead of releasing half-baked kind of stuff. “Media” will also include some graphic novel still shots. There’s one more thing I would like to address before I head off again. If there’s any suggestions towards the direction of this game or anything we’re doing for it, please do us a favor and leave a comment. Just click on the pencil Icon and let us know!

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