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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

To everyone out there, I hope you have had a safe New Years!

Now, let's get Hypertension rounded out for 2K9! Here's hoping for a release (or two!).

To commemorate, I will release a teaser trailer of Hypertension, which should be here either tomorrow or the next day. It will feature gameplay footage and some still shots of early graphic novel design. However, don't expect much of anything new - I'm playing the game with most of the same media I've already released, so instead of still photos, you get video to go along with it. The second teaser will most likely have more refreshing material. Also, I've realized that I should've released a teaser a very long time ago, so the one I'm going to release will probably make you feel that way. At least it's something...rather than nothing.


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