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Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Alpha Image correction

As we can see in these shots, the one on the top is a straight graphic from Blood, in that first screenshot. The type of Alpha Transparency put on it resulted in a pink line that formed around the graphic. This was caused by smoothing from the engine, so when I took smoothing off, you get...

As you can see in this shot, the cultist graphic now has Smoothing turned OFF. You can tell by the grainy nature of the pic, which is the native graphic without filtering. So, if all of the Blood graphics, in my mod, that use OpenGL, have Smoothing on...doesn't he look out of place?

I handed the graphic back to Gael, and he in turn applied a RBG method of alpha transparency, and now it worked! I'm sorry but the graphics simply don't mirror 3DFX.EXE without smoothing on.

And there you go. That's only for his test graphic. Gael has to take every single original art piece from Blood that we want to use and do this to it. Takes time. And the Cultist has over 130 frames of animation, all the anims needed to be renamed and recoded. All in all for an average monster it takes a good 3 or 5 days for work to be completed.

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Visplane Overflow said...

I know all too well how many frames of animation the Cultist has... =p