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Monday, September 1, 2008

Needed that break. .

I took almost half a week off to kind of relax and enjoy life a little. It's important to do, especially when you're developing a title. It takes a lot of patience and a straight head to do it, and I finally feel I'm back on a level to pick this thing up.

Aside from programming states at work, I've been tinkering with a new Cradle to Grave level, which features Caleb's crypt but a completely different level. Haven't gotten super big progress on it, though.

Ashley finished his first track of the game, UNHOLY, and it took a couple of revisions but it finally sounds great. He's working on the second version for Aurelia that's going to use samples from some of Blood 2's music. Hopefully it turns out well.

I also started, before my break, on the boomstick, except it's not the same as it was in Blood -- it's a bit different. Some of you hardcore fans will instantly recognize it. I'm going to code it and it should be usable by tonight. Hopefully.

Gotta go and work! Sorry for not showing any screenage, maybe I can update with something later tonight.


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