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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Little things

Just a model I'm working on. Look familiar? I would hope so...

I have integrated all sorts of models into Fusion now, but I have yet to transform the important objects (weapons, etc). I think some of them achieve a better effect left as high-res sprites rather than models. It also helps too with the whole "comic book world" thing.

Finished up all of the LUA hud code and it looks really cool when your character gets hit -- not only does the blood splat on the screen but it gets all wavy and dizzy for a couple of seconds when you get hit below 30 health. It's neat!

Other things I am working on is a chase sequence, where you have to chase a merc through a crowded street. You start by jumping off of a building onto a train, then from there jumping on various cars to get across the street, kind of like Frogger. I achieved this by making the cars "scroll-move" and having enough variation to make it look convincing. Then I created platforms all around the car, invisible to the player, so that if you don't land on the car completely, a script enables that takes away all of your weapons and replaces it with a "hanging" weapon -- basically, you're hanging off of the side of the truck. You just press jump to get up and once you do, your weapons return to you! Neat, huh?

Anyways, I have more work to do with other shit, so hopefully I'll post again soon.

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